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Westrex Bass Top

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Westrex 100 Watt Head front

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Westrex 100 Watt Head rear

In the early sixties a certain band came back from their first tour of america. They quickly realised their 50 watt amplifiers were not going to keep up with the screams and shrieks of their audience. As usual the solution was bigger and better. This amp is inspired by what I feel are the best aspects of all the evolutions of this amp. While I call this a bass amp it makes an equally great guitar amp that sounds like a British Twin!

  All hand-wired circuitry
+  4 EL-34 Output tubes 2 12AU7 and 1 12AX7 pre-amp tubes
+  100 watts Peak
+  Single channel w/master volume, high and lo gain input
+  Bass middle treble and presence controls
+  Selectable 8/16 ohm output


100 watt version - 2799 USD 


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