Hanwell combo

The Hanwell combo is a vertical 2x12 combo featuring the Hanwell 50 watt head and two G12H Heritage 30 55hz speakers. The vertical configuration gives you the power and spread of a 2x12 combo but in a smaller footprint. Perfect for smaller stages and arenas alike.

+  All hand-wired circuitry

+  Celestion G12h 30 speakers

+  Available in 50 watt versions

+  EL-34 Output tubes  3 12AX7 pre-amp tubes

    GZ34 Rectifier

+  Single channel w/master volume, high and           low gain input

+  Bass middle treble and presence controls

+  Selectable 4/8/16 ohm output


50 watt version   HWC 50 -  2400.00 USD 


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